Sofieke van der Werff

Ik ben Sofieke van der Werff en in 2013 afgestuurd als Mondhygienist aan de Hogeschool Utrecht. Na 6 jaar werkervaring


Sylvia Cobb

Sylvia is the head of our examination department. She performs the most intricate and dangerous operations. Her patients' survival rate


Hallie Manning

After graduating from the Duke university with a magna cum laude in 1999, Hallie has chosen our medical clinic as


Dollie Cooper

Dollie is responsible for all bi-yearly general healthcare checkups. Her experience as a therapist spans for more than 15 years.


Lillie McCormick

Lillie is the head of our neuroexamination department. As our senior neurodoctor, she's responsible for the most sophisticated operations... Biography


Ellen Cannon

As a doctor for Reconstructive examination department, Ellen deals a lot with people on the brink of desperation... Nevertheless, she